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Percussion drilling is an ancient drilling method in the development of well sinking. The percussion water well drilling rig has a simple structure and generally does not have a circulating well washing system. The cuttings removal and the drilling rig cannot be carried out at the same time, so the power is low and the drilling depth is generally longer. Shallow, mostly suitable for construction in pebble gravel or weathered rock formations.

There are two commonly used drill bits for percussion water well drilling rigs: one is an I-shaped drill bit, which is suitable for various alluvial formations, especially in the pebble layer and gravel layer. It can not only achieve higher drilling efficiency, but also is not prone to sticking accidents. The use of this kind of drill bit requires relatively skilled operation technology, and the smooth rotation of the drill bit in the well must be ensured to make the drilling more round. The other is a cross drill bit. Four drill blades take up most of the circumference of the well diameter. Only a slight rotation can make the drilling round, but the drilling efficiency is low, and it is generally less used.

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