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Advantages of the Foam Pump for water well drilling rig


1.Prolonged the drill bit working life, and make the drill rigs less affected by the climate;

  1. Improved the speed of returning slag;
  2. During the drilling process , there is no need to use a mud pump, and there is no need to spend a lot of time to maintain the mud pump;
  3. In the process of drilling, the aquifer is not easy to be blocked by drilling fluid, and the water volume is intuitively observed;
  4. The torque used for drilling is much smaller than that for rotary drilling, and the rotary speed is also very low, generally 10-30r/min;
  5. The drilling rate is fast in the consolidated rock, the air foam DTH hammer drilling in the sandstone formation is 5.5 times faster than the traditional mud roller drilling technology, and the drilling in the granite, basalt and other high-hardness igneous rock formations The drilling footage rate is about 10 times higher than that of mud cones;
  6. The average drilling cost per meter is reduced and the completion period is shortened;
  7. Air foam cone drilling is 1.54 times faster than mud cone drilling in coal-measure formations, shale and silt sandstone formations;
  8. The pressure required for drilling is small (907-1814kg, depending on the size of the drill bit used and the hardness of the formation), no centralizer or drill collar is required, and the hole can be kept vertical.