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Concentric with tube reaming bit (concentric bit)


The concentric drilling tool(concentric drilling bit) is the only new type of concentric drilling tool that uses the concentric principle at home and abroad. It has been successfully used and has been widely promoted.
Principle structure: This drilling tool relies on the leading middle platform, and the tube shoe platform of the steel pipe transmits the impact force to the steel pipe. The front of the head is a triangular inner spline groove, which drives a triangular concentric shaft positioning drill bit that can slide back and forth. Between the head and the hole drill, there is a piece of the three oblique arc grooves on the end face of the head. The fanning reaming drill piece, when the front hole drill bit contacts the ground and is hindered and moves backward, the head of the hole drill bit and the inclined surface of the triangular shaft reduce the diameter under the reaming drill piece, and the expanding piece expands outward to form a reaming hole. When the drill tool needs to be retracted, the head retreats the reaming piece to be squeezed by the tube shoe, and the reaming piece pushes open the hole drill bit to shrink inward, so that the entire drill tool shrinks and retracts.
Product features: Because the drill bit and the head of this drilling tool are on the same center, the reamer is evenly divided by 120 degrees with the head as the center. Therefore, the drilling tool is very concentric during the drilling process, and the drill has no swing or torque. The force is small, the hole is very round, the damage to the shoe and the casing is small, the stone is broken quickly, the footage is even, and it can be retracted directly without reversing. With the above advantages, it should be possible to reduce the occurrence of many accidents such as stuck drill, broken pipe shoes, broken casing, broken drill tools, broken drill pipe, and large pipe pulling load in the entire drilling project.
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