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Drilling Rig Machine parts replacement process


Replacement of throttle valve for drilling rig machine accessories:

Replace the valve plate and valve seat: remove the valve cavity pressure, remove the valve cover bolts, and take out the valve plate and the valve cover together. Removal of slotted round nuts, switch pins, hexagonal screws, front and rear stop caps, the cylindrical valve plate can be replaced, and the valve seat can be replaced at the same time. When cleaning the valve cavity, pay special attention to the sealing surface. To replace the new valve plate and valve seat, the gap between the valve plate and the valve cover boss should be filled with sealing grease, and the inside of the upper cover should be filled with calcium-based smooth oil to smooth the bearing.

Replace the lip-shaped packing: first remove the pressure in the valve chamber, then disassemble the guard, round nut, handwheel, bearing gland, bearing, packing gland, and then replace the lip-shaped packing.

Replace the bearing: Disassemble the guard, round nut, hand wheel, and bearing gland, and then replace the bearing. If you want to replace the lower bearing, you need to remove the stem nut. The bearing gap is adjusted by the bearing cover. After the adjustment, the rolling handwheel should move sensitively without jamming.

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