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DTH drill used to drill holes in rocks


DTH DRILL (down-the-hole drill) is a device used to drill holes in rocks (fill the holes with explosives) before engineering blasting
A . According to different diameters, down-the-hole drilling rigs can be divided into light-duty down-the-hole drilling rigs (aperture diameter 80~100mm), medium-duty down-the-hole drilling rigs (aperture diameter 130~180mm), and heavy-duty DTH drilling rigs (aperture diameter 180~250mm)
The drilling tool is composed of a drill rod, a button bit and an impactor. When drilling, use two drill rod extensions to drill the hole. The rotary air supply mechanism is composed of a rotary motor, a rotary reducer, and an air supply gyrator. The rotary reducer is a closed heterosexual element, adopts a three-stage cylindrical gear, and uses a spiral oiler for automatic lubrication. The air supply gyrator is composed of a connecting body, a seal, a hollow spindle and a drill pipe joint, etc., on which a pneumatic clamp is installed for connecting and unloading the drill pipe. The lifting pressure regulating mechanism is realized by the lifting motor, the lifting reducer, the lifting chain, the slewing mechanism and the drilling tool. In the closed chain system, a pressure regulating oil cylinder and a movable pulley block are installed. During normal operation, the piston rod of the pressure regulating cylinder pushes the movable pulley block to realize the decompression drilling of the drilling tool.
B. Down-the-hole drilling rigs can be used to drill rock anchor holes, bolt holes, blast holes, grouting holes, etc. in urban construction, railways, highways, rivers, hydropower and other projects.
1. The down-the-hole drilling rig uses a motor through a high-performance reducer as the rotation power; a cylinder is used as the propulsion power. The hydraulic system is omitted, the mechanical efficiency is high, the cost is low, and the performance is stable.
2. It has anti-jamming protection. When the drilling tool is jammed, the motor is not easy to burn, and the reducer is not easy to be damaged.
3. Light weight and easy to move. The weight of the down-the-hole drilling rig is less than 500Kg and can be divided into three pieces, which is convenient for moving and installing the machine.
4. Using rolling trolley, the track is not easy to wear.
5. The down-the-hole drilling rig adopts semi-automatic disassembly of the drill pipe, which has high working efficiency.