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How Can Prolong The Drilling Machine Working Life


1. Operators should operate by the specifications, and barbarous construction is prohibited
For drilling rig operators, they should master the operating skills of the equipment, operate the drilling rig correctly by the safety technical specifications, and be gentle to avoid strong impacts caused by moving the working device components to the extreme position; achieve the “three understandings” (understand the structure), Understand the principle, understand the performance), “Four Meetings” (be able to maintain, inspect, use, and eliminate general faults); not only know how to operate the equipment but also know how to check and maintain equipment, to ensure the use of drilling rigs Longer life span.

2. Don’t neglect maintenance due to a tight schedule
The construction unit should not ignore the importance of maintenance due to the tight schedule, ignore the maintenance of the drilling machine, and mistakenly believe that as long as the equipment is running normally and there is no major failure, it can sit back and relax; failure to maintain it in time will cause great hidden dangers. Many major accidents have accumulated in this way over time. It is too late when the accident occurs. Therefore, one cannot forget the maintenance of the drilling rig to catch up with the construction period.

3. Use qualified accessories and oil
When repairing drilling rigs, you can’t just replace parts that are cheap and replace inferior parts. This will damage the equipment and increase the probability of failure in the later stage. Also, when replacing oil products such as engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, etc., you must choose the appropriate type of oil for the drilling machine, instead of changing to low-priced, low-quality oil.

4. The repair method should be proper
The drilling rig should not be repaired until it has to be repaired. When a fault is found, the fault should be eliminated and repaired in time. Maintenance practices can use the following methods: one is to use advanced brush plating and adhesive repair technology, and it can also repair failed parts quickly and at low costs, such as wear-resistant surfacing, sprayed diamond electroplating, magnetic electroplating, laser electroplating, etc.; The transposition of parts, such as crawler pins of drilling rigs, diesel engine cylinder liners, etc., are often subjected to unidirectional load during operation, resulting in uneven wear. If the position of the parts subject to uneven load is replaced promptly, their wear will be balanced. It can extend its service life.
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how can prolong the drilling machine working life