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Introduction of the Core Drilling Rigs


Core drilling rigs are widely used in geological survey exploration, geophysical survey; road and bridge construction survey; geotechnical engineering blasting hole, grouting hole, structural quality inspection of concrete engineering, agricultural water well drilling and other drilling construction. The core drilling rig is mainly composed of power, reducer, water pump, clutch and gearbox, vertical shaft box, winch and drilling tower. The most important thing in operating the core drilling rig is experience and skills. During the construction process, when the drill pipe bit is lowered into the hole, the operation and control are completely determined by the operator’s experience and judgment. Although it is not visible how the drilling tools of the core drilling rig perform cutting during construction, the force of the drilling tools in the hole will be fed back to the equipment outside the hole. For example: load, vibration, so the operator can judge the situation in the hole by observing the changes of the equipment outside the hole, so as to change the operation control. The two most commonly used methods in operating core drilling rigs: listening to the sound and watching the drilling speed!
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