KG310 Drill Rig

The KG310/KG310H open-air DTH drill rig is new equipment upgraded in response to the country’s environmental protection requirements. Equipped with Yuchai’s two-cylinder National III engine to meet the country’s requirements for emissions and environmental protection. The flexible luffing mechanism can meet the function of drilling low-level horizontal holes.

At the same time, the hydraulic system is upgraded to increase its system flow and increase the rotation speed. Optimize the lifting cylinder to improve its reliability, strengthen the guide rail and increase the upper and lower wear plates of the sliding plate to extend the service life. Add hoisting rings (plates) to facilitate loading, unloading, and hoisting.

The KG310H type adds a dust collector and adopts double dust-catching cylinders, which are more environmentally friendly and reliable when working.

Technical parameters of KG310/KG310H open-air DTH drill carriage

model KG310 KG310H
weight 4000kg 4200kg
size 4650*2000*2200mm 4650*2500*2200mm
Rock drilling hardness f=620
Drilling diameter Φ80-105mm
Economic drilling depth 20m
Rotation speed 110r/min
Rotation torque 1650N·m
Lifting power 18KN
Propulsion method Cylinder – plate chain
Advance itinerary 2670mm
Walking speed 0-2.0Km/h
Gradeability ≤30°
Ground clearance 250mm
Pitch angle of carriage Tilt 145°, tilt 55°
Swing angle of carriage Left 100° Right 45°
Drill boom pitch angle Pitch 50° and raise 25°
Sliding frame compensation length 900mm
diesel engine Yuchai YCCA13T6-45 (33.1KW/2400r/min)
Drill pipe 60*2m
The highest and lowest holes Minimum 360mm, maximum 2650mm


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