KT25 Drill Rig

A surface down-the-hole drill rig is a new type of rock drilling equipment carefully designed by UNIQUE Group to meet the needs of large-scale open-pit mines based on years of development and production of down-the-hole drill rigs.

The drilling rig’s walking, propulsion, rotation, and angle adjustment are all hydraulically driven, with strong power; equipped with high-pressure screw head and high-pressure pneumatic impactor, high drilling efficiency; equipped with hydraulic dry dust collector Collect dust to reduce environmental pollution; equipped with hydraulic manipulators and drill pipe library to unload the drill pipe, floating joints to protect the drill pipe thread, one person can unload the drill pipe; the air-conditioned cab provides a comfortable working environment and automatic control The anti-stuck valve reduces the chance of stuck drilling.

The drilling rig has the characteristics of good integrity, high degree of automation, good rock drilling effect, environmental protection and energy-saving, convenient operation, flexible maneuverability, and safe driving.
1. Disc type automatic rod connection system, automatic rod connection drilling depth up to 35 meters.
2. The swing angle of the carriage adopts a luffing mechanism, with a total swing angle of 130° (right 97° and left 33°), and the conversion between horizontal holes and vertical holes can be freely completed without changing the fulcrum. The lowest horizontal hole height is 550mm and the highest is 4200mm.
3. It adopts a Caterpillar EFI engine with strong power and reliable performance.
4. Adopt the arrangement of single-engine output at both ends, compact structure, and convenient maintenance.
5. The high wind pressure and large displacement air compression system (26 3 /min, 205ar) ensures rapid drilling of the impactor.
6. The automatic leveling function of the walking mechanism makes the drill rig more suitable for the rugged mountain roads of the mine.
7. The double-brazing mechanism guides the drill tool throughout the entire process to prevent deflection during drilling (guide the impactor when opening the hole, and guide the drill rod when drilling).
8. Use imported hydraulic parts and electrical appliances.

Basic parameters of KT25 type integrated open-air DTH drill carriage

Rock drilling hardness f=6-20
Drilling diameter mm 152-203
Economic drilling depth (automatic extension depth) m 35
Walking speed Km/h 3.0
Gradeability 25°
Ground clearance mm 430
Whole machine power kW 328
diesel engine Carter C13
Screw machine displacement m /min 26
Screw machine exhaust pressure bar 25
Overall dimensions (length × width × height) mm 12200×2840×3620
Heavy volume Kg 25800
Rotating speed r/min 0-118
Rotation torque N*m 6100
Maximum push-pull force N 65,000
Pitch angle of carriage 125°
Slide angle Right 97 ° left 33 °
Drill boom swing angle Right 42 ° left 15 °
Boom angle Up 42° Down 20°
Frame leveling angle Up 10° Down 10°
Advancing stroke mm 4500
Compensation length mm 1800
Impactor 55A/65A
Drill pipe φ102/127×5000mm
Dust catching method Dry-type (hydraulic driven cyclone laminar flow type)/ wet type (optional)
Connection method Automatic connection rod
Automatic anti-card mode Electro-hydraulic control anti-stuck
Drill pipe lubrication method Automatic oil injection lubrication
Drill pipe thread protection Equipped with a floating joint to protect the drill pipe thread
Drilling display Real-time display of drilling angle and drilling depth


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