KT7C Drill Rig

The KT7C integrated open-air down-the-hole drilling rig is advanced drilling equipment that integrates the down-the-hole drilling system and the screw air compression system. It is equipped with a Yuchai six-cylinder national three diesel engine to provide power for the two systems. It has a compact structure and good integrity. , Easy to move. High-pressure single-stage compression screw with core drill rig equipment product knowledge of the nose, the application of leading international Tom’s Y -shaped line, turnover rate (13m³ / min), pressure high (1.7 MPa), high wind pressure Pneumatic impactor provides strong power, and the rock drilling speed is 20%-50% higher than that of the air pressure drill rig.

KT7C integral high-pressure open-pit down-the-hole drilling rig is mainly used for rock work in stone works and open-pit mines.

Basic parameters of KT7C type integrated open-air DTH drill carriage

Rock drilling hardness f=6-20
Drilling diameter mm 90-105
Economic drilling depth m 30
Walking speed Km/h 2.5/4.0
Gradeability 30°
Ground clearance mm 430
Whole machine power kW 195
diesel engine Yuchai YC6A260-T303
Screw machine displacement m /min 13
Screw machine exhaust pressure bar 1.7
Overall dimensions (length × width × height) mm 8000×2300×3000
Heavy volume Kg 9600
Rotating speed r/min 0-120
Rotation torque N*m 2450
Maximum push-pull force N 25000
Boom lifting angle Up 28° Down 42°
Pitch angle of carriage 129°
Slide angle Right 38 ° left 35 °
Lateral horizontal swing angle of carriage 42° ~89° to the right
Drill boom swing angle Right 39 ° left 60 °
Frame leveling angle Up 10° Down 9°
Push length at a time mm 3000
Compensation length mm 900
Impactor HD35A (optional HD45S)
Drill pipe Φ64×3000mm
Dust catching method Hydraulic cyclone laminar flow


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