KT9C Drill Rig

The KT9C type integrated open-air DTH drill rig is a highly efficient and energy-saving advanced drilling equipment carefully developed for small and medium-sized open-pit mining, quarry and infrastructure construction projects. It inherits the advantages of the KT7C drill rig, and at the same time injects new design concepts, so it has many characteristics:

1. The overall layout is more reasonable and easy to maintain.
2. Equipped with Cummins China III diesel engine to meet the national requirements for emissions and environmental protection.
3. The hydraulic pressure adopts a relatively independent multi-pump system and eliminates the shunt valve, which is more stable.
4. Equipped with Dr. Tang Yan’s 17/17 single-stage high air pressure screw compression system, it has an overwhelming advantage compared with the medium air pressure integral drilling rigs of other manufacturers.
5. The rocker – link boom system increases the luffing angle, can meet the needs of different working positions under various working conditions, and can drill low-level horizontal holes; the lateral arrangement of the carriage makes the working field better.
6. The two-speed propulsion system composed of a cylinder – plate chain and a two-motor two-speed gyrator can meet the requirements of different working conditions.
7. The rig has a low center of gravity and balanced distribution. It is equipped with a heavy-duty ” four wheels and one belt “, a large torque walking motor with mechanical/hydraulic double brakes, and the frame has a ±10° automatic leveling device, which makes it safe and stable when traveling.
8. The drilling rig is equipped with an efficient two-stage dry dust collection system, which greatly improves the working environment and conforms to the concept of energy-saving and environmental protection.

Main technical parameters of KT9C type integrated open-air DTH drill carriage

Rock drilling hardness f=6-20
Drilling diameter mm 90-125
Economic drilling depth m twenty-one
Walking speed Km/h 2.5
Gradeability 25°
Ground clearance mm 430
Whole machine power kW 194/205
diesel engine Cummins QSC8.3-C260-30/ Yuchai YCA08280-T300
Screw machine displacement m /min 17
Screw machine exhaust pressure bar 17
Overall dimensions (length × width × height) mm 8100×2300×3000
Heavy volume Kg 10800
Rotating speed of gyrator (double speed) r/min 0-120
Rotation torque N*m 2800
Maximum push-pull force N 32000
Boom lifting angle Up 57° down 20°
Pitch angle of carriage 114°
Slide angle Right 35 ° left 95 °
Lateral horizontal swing angle of carriage Right -19° ~97°
Drill boom swing angle Right 18 ° left 50 °
Frame leveling angle Up 10° Down 10°
Push length at a time mm 3490
Compensation length mm 900
Impactor 45A
Drill pipe φ76×3000mm
Dust catching method Dry-type (hydraulic driven cyclone laminar flow type)


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