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Pay attention to safety matters during mine blasting


Due to careless prevention, mine blasting often causes serious safety accidents, causing serious loss of personnel and property.
What should be paid attention to in mine blasting safety? Pay attention to the following safety points during mine blasting:
Preventive measures for safety accidents caused by detonating tubes:
1. There must be no dead knots in the detonation pipe network. There should not be any seams in the hole.
2. After inserting the detonator into the cassette, fasten the detonator and the cassette with a rope. When handling primary explosives, the detonator must be placed in the reserved hole of the primer. The ban came out of the explosive tube.
3. After all filling operations are completed, the connection between the surface detonator detonation networks should be gradually carried out from the end of the blasting area.
4. When using a detonator to detonate the detonating net, the end of the detonating tube cannot be connected to the direction of explosion of the detonating tube.
5. Establish a good detonation network. In order to prevent the influence of stray current on the network, we should carefully check the surrounding area to ensure that there are no metal objects on the surface.
6. Use 5 cm cuts at both ends of the detonator.
7. When the two detonating tubes are connected by the casing, the ends of the two Noel tubes are cut into vertical surfaces to contact each other and ensure that they are not pulled apart.
8. It is forbidden to process explosive devices and personnel who perform blasting operations should wear chemical fiber clothing.
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