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PL90 Rock Splitter

PL 90 Rock Split Introduction

The splitting machine uses high-pressure oil as the energy source and skillfully applies the oblique wedge principle to make the splitting force reach hundreds of tons, even thousands of tons so that thousands of tons of boulders can be easily split in a few seconds, to separate the hard and huge ore from the mountain.

Product Features

1. Safe. Static demolition, no noise, and no dangers to workers.
2. Environmental. Splitting slowly and power, no pollution to the environment.
3. Economical. Cost-effective and high efficiency, consistently working without maintenance.
4. Precise. Splitter could be put in pre-drilled holes and split according to precise directions, shapes, and sizes.
5. Convenient. A device with special design, pulley with wheels, wedge with handles, ease and convenient for the worker to operate.

Product composition of rock splitting machine

It consists of two parts that include a hydraulic pump station and splitter. The diesel engine drives 8 horsepower motor drive of 4KW. One oil station can drive 6 -10 Splitters. Hydraulic oil pipes are divided into main oil pipes (two oil pipes for transmission and return), generally 10 meters. There is one distribution valve, and the tubing to each splitter (two tubing pipes for transmission and return) is generally about 5 meters. That is a hydraulic oil station tow multiple splitters.

Splitter parameters

The braking force is 550 tons, the gun tip is 250mm, the hole diameter is 45mm, and the weight is 32 kg.

hydraulic oil station parameters

The rated pressure is 60 MPa, the rated flow is 4 liters of high pressure, 6 liters of low pressure, and the fuel tank volume is 36 liters.

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