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UY200 Drill Rig

Deep(water) well-drilling rig uses full hydraulic control, and the Top drive to drive the rotation of drilling tools with very high drilling efficiency. A reasonable overall layout uses the tractor-mounted or full ground chassis for transportation with good maneuverability.

Very flexible in difficult roads and can be widely used in many fields such as resource exploration of hydrology wells, coal bed methane, the shallow layer of shale gas, terrestrial heat, etc, and can also be used for coal-mine gas exploitation salvage work.

The top-mounted driving head principal shaft has a great drift diameter, suitable for many kinds of construction work such as slurry drilling, air drilling, and air foam drilling, meeting the demands for well-drilling at different terrain strata.


a. Keeping bracket is installed on the host to form a double wheel support structure, able to withstand strong blow
b. Vertical boxes are fixed by four groups of bearings to ensure that the rotary machine has sufficient rigidity to overcome the gravel layer and other complex geological conditions.
c. the machine is equipped with national patent technology— a taper clutch, with characteristics of strong transmission torque, easy operation, and free maintenance.
d. 53 x 59 drilling rod adopted, high rigidity and strong delivery torque.

Water well drilling rig specifications



UX 200
The weight (T) 4.7
The hole diameter (mm) 140-254
Drilling depth (m) 200
One-time advance length (m) 3.3
Walking speed (km/h) 2.5
Climbing angles (Max.) 30
Equipped capacitor (KW) 65
Using air pressure (MPA) 1.7-2.5
Air consumption (m³/min) 17-31
Drill pipe diameter (mm) Φ76  Φ89
Drill pipe length (m) 1.5m  2.0m  3.0m
Rig lifting force (T) 13
Swing speed (rpm) 45-65
Swing torque (N.m) 3200-4600
Dimension (mm) 3950×1700×2300

uyx200 drill rig 2

uyx200 drill rig 3


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