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What are the characteristics of a good drilling machine?


  1. Easy to install

Easy to install, suitable for soil layers, quicksand layers, and a small amount of rock and soil layers, and suitable for drilling wells in any location.

  1. Move fast

The drilling rig is light in weight, easy to get on and off, equipped with a frame, hand chain hoist, and easy to get on and off.

  1. Fast drilling speed

The drilling machine is fast, automatically up and down the drill pipe, and the up and down drill pipe speed is extremely fast.

  1. Durable

The design is simple and durable. The drill pipe joints are all subjected to high-frequency heat treatment and are not easy to wear.

  1. Reasonable layout

The drilling machine has advanced structure and reasonable layout, which is convenient for repair, maintenance and repair.

  1. Easy to operate

A good drilling machine adopts hydraulic control, which is convenient and flexible to operate, convenient to shift, good maneuverability, time and labor saving.

  1. Shifting device

The drilling rig is equipped with a mobile device, which can realize the front and back movement of the main body of the drilling rig, which is convenient for wellhead operation.

  1. Strong stability

The mast adopts ultra-high-strength alloy steel plate, which not only ensures the required strength when drilling, but also reduces the weight of the upper part of the car, so that the whole machine has better stability.

  1. Low noise and environmental pollution

The construction noise of the drilling rig mainly comes from the sound of the fuselage engine, and the remaining parts have almost no frictional sound and low vibration. It is especially suitable for use in urban or residential areas. Moreover, the construction site is clean and causes little environmental pollution.

  1. High cost performance

Among similar products, a good drilling machine has good performance, low price, and obvious advantages in cost performance. Therefore, the cost of recovery is fast.

  1. Good hydraulic system

The use of international matching, and the hydraulic components with high systemic requirements, such as valves, motors, pumps, etc., are used to improve the reliability of the products.

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