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What is the down-the-hole hammer water well drilling rigs ?


Pneumatic water well drilling rigs (hereinafter referred to as gas drills) are also called down-the-hole hammer water well drilling rigs. It uses compressed air as a well-washing medium and as energy for breaking rocks. It is also a percussive rotary drilling method, and its characteristics are similar to the hydraulic percussion drilling technology. The main advantage is that it can effectively improve the drilling efficiency of the pebble layer and hard rock, the drill bit has a long life, and can reduce the hole inclination; its drilling procedures are characterized by low weight on bit, small torque, low rotation speed, and large flushing medium flow.

Pneumatic water well drilling rig is a technological method in which a rock-breaking drill bit and a pneumatic device that can produce an impact are submerged into the bottom of the well for drilling. This pneumatic device is a down-the-hole hammer, a pneumatic tool powered by compressed air. The impact energy generated by it can be directly transmitted to the drill bit, and at the same time, the drill rod is driven by the drill rig to form the ability to break the rock. The compressed air discharged by the impactor is used to cool the drill bit and discharge powder, thereby realizing the impact rotary drill The purpose of advancement. Therefore, pneumatic down-the-hole hammer drilling has some characteristics of air-washing wells, which is of special significance for drilling in dry and early water-deficient areas and serious leakage formations.

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