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What rules should be followed during the Drilling process ?


What rules should be followed during the Drilling process ?

  1. Comply with the computer procedures and safety inspection procedures

(1) Understand water well drilling rigs, action rules, safety protection regulations, and understand the performance and specifications of water well drilling rigs.

  1. Know the rules

(1) Do not carry people on the machine.

(2) Understand the performance and operating characteristics of the machine.

(3) When operating the water well drilling rig, do not let irrelevant personnel approach, and do not modify or dismantle any parts of the machine (unless it is needed for maintenance).

(4) Keep bystanders or unrelated persons away from the work area.

(5) Whenever you leave the machine, be sure to put the joystick in a stop state, turn off the engine, release the residual hydraulic pressure through the operating handle, and then remove the key.

  1. Understand the machinery

(1) Before operating the machine. Read the water well drilling rig operation manual and construction safety manual first.

(2) Be able to operate all equipment on the machine: understand the functions of all control systems, instruments and indicators; understand the rated torque, rated pressure, main winch lifting capacity, maximum drilling diameter, maximum drilling depth and operating space height; Living in rain, snow, ice, gravel and soft soil will change the working ability of the machine.

(3) Read and understand the manufacturer’s operating instructions before preparing to start the machine. If the water well drilling rig is equipped with a special construction method work device, please read the operation manual and construction safety manual of the construction method work device provided by the manufacturer before use.

(2) Understand job protection and labor protection

(1) Wear work clothes necessary for the construction work environment and be equipped with safety equipment.

(2) Wear the safety equipment required by laws and regulations, as well as safety production management departments and employers, and remember to do a good job of protection to avoid unnecessary dangers.

(3) Wear a safety helmet at any time on the job site (including when thinking about problems) and abide by the safety regulations.

(4) Understand the ways and time of assistance, and master how to use first aid kits and fire extinguishers or fire extinguisher systems.

(5) Carefully study safety production management training courses, and strictly prohibit untrained personnel from operating drilling machinery.

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