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Working principle of down-the-hole drilling rig


The working principle of the down-the-hole drilling rig is the same as that of the ordinary impact rotary pneumatic rock drill. The pneumatic rock drill combines the impact rotary mechanism, and the impact energy is transmitted to the drill bit through the drill rod; while the down-the-hole drilling machine separates the impact mechanism (impacter) into the bottom of the hole. No matter how deep the hole is, the drill bit is directly installed On the impactor, there is no need to transmit impact energy through the drill rod, thus reducing the loss of impact energy.
As the drilling depth of the rock drill of the down-the-hole drilling rig increases, the loss of the drilling capacity at the submersible rods, joints (medium-deep hole drilling), etc. increases, the drilling speed is significantly reduced, and the cost increases.
In order to reduce the loss of capacity and improve drilling efficiency, a down-the-hole drill was designed in actual engineering. The down-the-hole drilling rig is also powered by compressed air, rotating and impacting to break the rock to form holes.
Its working principle is that the pneumatic impactor of the down-the-hole drill is mounted on the front end of the drill rod together with the drill bit. When drilling, the propulsion mechanism continuously advances the drill tool and applies a certain axial pressure to the bottom of the hole, so that the drill bit is in contact with the bottom of the hole. Rocks are in contact with each other; the rotary mechanism makes the drilling tool continuously rotate, and the impactor installed in front of the drill rod, under the action of compressed air, makes the piston impact the drill bit back and forth to complete the impact on the rock;
The hollow rod goes straight to the bottom of the hole, discharging the broken rock dust from the annular space between the drill rod and the hole wall to the outside of the hole. It can be seen that the essence of down-the-hole rock drilling is the combination of two methods of crushing rock under the action of axial pressure, impact and rotation. The impact is intermittent and the rotation is continuous. The rock is under impact and shear force. Continuously crushed and shredded under the action. In DTH rock drilling, impact work plays a leading role.
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