ZT10 Drill Rig

The ZT10 type integrated down-the-hole drilling rig uses the Yuchai Guosan diesel engine as a single power source. It drives the screw compression system and hydraulic transmission system at the same time through the output at both ends. It can drill φ90-125mm vertical, inclined and horizontal holes. It is mainly used in open-pit mines Drilling blast holes and pre-split holes in stone works.

The drill rig is equipped with an automatic rod connection and unloading system and a drill rod lubrication module, which can realize single-person operation and reduce the number of mine operators. The main control action of the drilling rig is integrated on a handle. It is easy to operate. It is equipped with an anti-jamming system.

It can also be equipped with drilling angle and depth indicators, which simplifies the control of the drilling process and improves the quality of the hole. Efficient dust collection system, spacious cab, high-power heating, and cooling air-conditioning, and high-quality audio equipment provide a high-quality operating environment and maximize the efficiency of operators.

Technical parameters of ZT10 integrated open-air DTH drill carriage

Transport size (length * height * width) 9230*2360*3260 Number of holders 7+1
weight 15000Kg Drill rod specifications Φ76*4000 mm
Rock hardness f=6-20 Impactor 35A/45A
Drilling diameter 90-130mm engine Yuchai YC6L310-H300
Ground clearance 430mm Number of cylinders 6
Track FM angle 10°up, 10°down Output Power 228KW/2200rpm
Driving speed 0-3Km/h Hydraulic pump 5× Gear pump
Gradeability 25° Screw Compressors Zhejiang Kaishan
Traction 120KN Air volume 18m³/min
Torque 2800Nm Wind pressure 17Bar
Rotating speed 0-120rpm Driving control system Hydraulic pilot
Boom lift Up 47 [deg.], Downward 20 ° Drilling control system Hydraulic pilot
Drill boom swing angle 50° to the right, 20° to the left Anti-jam Automatic electro-hydraulic anti-sticking
Slide angle 95° to the right, 35° to the left Voltage 24V, DC
Carriage pitch angle 114° Safety cab Comply with anti-rock falling & anti-rollover standards
Compensation stroke 1353mm Indoor noise level Less than 85dB ( A )
Propeller stroke 4490mm Seat Adjustable
Maximum thrust 25KN air conditioning Standard heating and cooling
Propulsion method Motor + roller chain entertainment Radio +Mp3
Automatic drilling depth 32m    


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