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Product details of pneumatic water well drilling rig


The crawler water well drilling rig is a lightweight, efficient and multifunctional drilling equipment. It is mainly suitable for industrial and civil drilling and geothermal drilling. It has the advantages of compact structure, fast footage, flexible movement and wide application. It is especially suitable for mountainous areas. and rock formations for water extraction.

This drilling rig can perform drilling work in different formations. It adopts new hydraulic technology and is equipped with high-torque hydraulic motor rotation and large-bore hydraulic cylinder propulsion. The famous multi-cylinder engine provides power for the hydraulic system, two-stage air filter and air compressor air intake. Designed to extend the service life of diesel engines. The unique pump unit design facilitates maintenance and reduces maintenance costs. Centrally controlled hydraulic control panel for convenient operation.

This series of drilling rigs adopts an excavator crawler chassis and has strong off-road performance. The independent module design allows the drilling rig to be mounted on a truck, increasing its mobility. Two speeds of rotation and advancement can meet different drilling needs in soil and rock strata. The combined positioner can be adjusted and replaced according to different types of drill pipes and impactors to ensure accurate and reliable positioning and centering. The winch mechanism facilitates the hoisting of drill pipes and impactors, reducing labor intensity.