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How to prevent stuck or buried drill?


The stuck and buried drill accidents refer to the phenomenon that the wall of the well is dropped or collapsed and stuck in the drill bit and hammer when drilling rig work, causing it to lose space for movement.
Cause Analysis
Stratigraphic factors: cracks and faults caused by geological structure, dissolution, and joints have developed to loosen the rock mass and weakened cementation force, and water gushing causes some rock formations to absorb water and expand and disintegrate. Process technology: Drilling medium and high frequency shock to destroy the overall structure of the rock mass, high-speed air erosion (peeling) to destroy the rock wall structure, the circulating medium has no balance wall protection function, and the gushing water soaks the shale structure to reduce the force of the shale structure and cause the block to jam and collapse. Buried down-the-hole hammer.
Technical measures
(1) Observe frequently.
(2) Drilling tools for frequent activities.
(3) Stop drilling in time.
(4) Removal of blockage.
(5) Inject foaming agent to remove debris and remove resistance.
(6) Short trip to drill the borehole wall.
(7) Foam drilling.
(8) Change the process to protect the wall and drill.
(9) Mud injection to protect the wall.
(10) Set of milling card.
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