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Installation and preparation of water well drilling rig


The cause and countermeasures of the falling object blocking the DTH hammer

The blocking of falling objects is also due to unclean drilling tools and surface pipelines, large-size attachments on the inner wall (cement blocks, cuttings, etc. during cement consolidation), and other large-size debris falling into the drill pipe. The upper end of the down-the-hole hammer is stuck in the part of the check valve, so that the check valve cannot be quickly reset,when the water well drilling rig works.
Carefully inspect and clean the drilling tools into the well to ensure that there is no debris on the inner wall of the drilling tools.
Regularly check the sealing performance and spring return performance of the check valve of the down-the-hole hammer, and replace the vulnerable parts in time.
Carefully check the various parts of the down-the-hole hammer (wear, fit clearance, deformation, burrs, etc.).
A special oiler is used to ensure the normal lubrication of the down-the-hole hammer when it is working.
The slag must be fully drained before each additional drill pipe.
The drill pipes used for cement well shall be strictly cleaned and marked. Such drill pipes shall not be used as much as possible. If they are to be used, strict cleaning and inspection measures shall be adopted to ensure the smooth progress of the construction.