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Match a suitable Air Compressor for Drilling Rig machine


In order to achieve high perforation efficiency, drilling rigs equipped with high-pressure air compressors have gradually taken the mainstream. The drilling efficiency of a drilling rig is critical. Because the perforation efficiency of the drilling rig mainly depends on the down-the-hole hammer, the air consumption of the hammer is determined by its design structure. With the increase of wind pressure and air volume, the output power of the hammer doubles, and the drilling speed also doubles. improve.

That is to say, when a high-performance drilling rig and a high-efficiency hammer are selected, there must be an air compressor with corresponding air pressure and air volume to ensure that, otherwise, the drilling efficiency of the same drilling rig will be different due to the different performance parameters of the air compressor. make a big difference.

In practice, this situation often occurs: there is already an air compressor, which needs to be matched with a down-the-hole drilling rig; or there is already a down-the-hole drilling rig, which needs to be matched with an air compressor. The factors considered are mainly the matching of the down-the-hole drilling rig and the air compressor. Each DTH drilling rig has its specific technical parameters and requirements for air compressors, which can be used by construction units for reference when purchasing equipment